Have you challenged a breath test?

Any driver in Georgia pulled over for suspected drunk driving will likely be asked to submit to a breath test. Unfortunately, breath tests have been highly scrutinized and often give inaccurate readings.

Factors That Skew A Breath Test Result
In the state of Georgia, for instance, some departments utilize out-of-date machines that have been proven to read scientifically inaccurate results. Others fail to calibrate or follow protocol that can also skew results. But even if the machines themselves were 100 percent precise, they are presumed to work only in ideal situations.
In the real world, a perfect situation never occurs. Various factors, such as atmospheric pressure, an individual’s diet and a presence of vomiting or acid reflux, for instance, can all influence a breath test reading.
Given such unreliability, contacting a criminal defense attorney if you have submitted to a breath test in Georgia is essential — particularly when so much is at stake. A DUI conviction carries steep penalties, not just a simple fine or community service.

We Know The Law
At Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, we have defended many individuals in your situation. We know the law, the methods and procedures authorities use and how to challenge them.
Our lawyers may even be able to successfully get your breath test thrown out, particularly if the officer failed to read the implied consent notice as mandated under Georgia law.

Don’t Wait, Call Now
If you have submitted to a breath test, call our offices at (770) 382-8900 immediately! We can help you mitigate any repercussion you could face. With offices in Cartersville, Georgia, we serve clients accused of DUI throughout north Georgia.

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