Drug Offenses


One Chance To Prove Your Innocence 

State and local jurisdictions throughout Georgia prosecute drug crimes with a significant intensity. The sentencing guidelines for conviction of many types of drug offenses are severe — often up to a mandatory 25 years in prison without the possibility of probation.

If you are accused, indicted and/or arrested for a drug crime, you must secure the best possible legal representation available. Drug cases get just one chance in court. Make the most of it with the competent, experienced and serious law firm of Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, standing beside you. With offices in Cartersville, Georgia, we serve clients charged with drug crimes throughout north Georgia.

What Type Of Charges Could You Face? There are a number of drug offenses on the Georgia books that district attorneys and state attorneys prosecute. All carry severe penalties if convicted. An experienced criminal law firm is required to represent the accused for any of these drug offenses. The most common drug charges against which we defend our clients include:

  • Possession
  • Possession with the intent to distribute
  • Distribution
  • Conspiracy
  • Trafficking in controlled or banned substances

You May Think That A Little Pot Is Not A Big Deal
Many consider marijuana a forgivable crime – especially our kids. It is not. The penalties for trafficking in marijuana can ruin your life. Manufacturing, growing, delivering or possessing more than 10 pounds of marijuana earns a five-year prison sentence. For those who have jumped into the distribution business, conviction of 10,000 pounds gets them 15 years in prison.

The Other Side Of Drug Crimes
Drug crimes have a violent side. The import, sale, distribution, apprehension and arrest of drug dealers too often involve guns and violence. The arresting authorities often add violent crimes to the drug charges. If you are arrested for a drug infraction, there’s a good chance you need a violent crimes attorney who is skilled in drug crimes representation.

Believing in your case
The lawyers at Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC have a successful record. We challenge illegal searches, and we have successfully appealed convictions. If you are accused of a drug crime, call our offices at (770) 382-8900 immediately or complete our online Contact Us form.  We are criminal law attorneys, violent crimes lawyers and drug crimes attorneys who serve Cartersville, Calhoun and all of north Georgia.

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