Father’s Rights & Grandparents’ Rights


There once was a time when family courts leaned heavily in favor of mothers’ wishes related to their children. That time has passed. Parental rights are not just for mothers anymore.

At Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, we take fathers’ rights seriously. We fight on a number of fronts to make fathers an integral and enriching part of their children’s lives. With offices in Cartersville, Georgia Offices we serve fathers and grandparents throughout north Georgia.

What Rights Do Fathers Have?
The short answer is that fathers have the same rights related to their children as do mothers. The challenge is often making these rights part of the overall divorce agreement. Let’s start with child support. Fathers who wish to invoke their right to child support paid to them by the mother require the counsel of a child support lawyer. Our law firm’s excellent attorneys are experienced in child support issues. Fathers often successfully fight for both partial and full custody of their children. The right to visit your children frequently and without interference is fundamental to maintaining a father-child relationship. Each of these areas is essential to fathers’ rights and involves complex family law questions.

What About Grandparents’ Rights?
Too often, divorce decrees and the child custody and visitation agreements that go with them ignore the grandparents’ relationships with the children. Yet that relationship is one that children remember for life and can be an immense source of joy for both sides. Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC most frequently focuses on these primary areas of grandparents’ rights:


  • When the parent of the grandchild has died
  • When the child’s parents have separated or divorced
  • When the child is currently living with the grandparents or should be

Mixed in with these areas are issues such as visitation and financial support to the child provided by the grandparents. The child’s best interests drive our divorce and family law attorneys at Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC. More often than not, involvement of the grandparents provides such benefit that their regular participation in the child’s life is essential.

Standing up for Father’s and Grandparents’ Rights
That is exactly what the divorce attorneys at Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC do. Fathers are fully half of the child’s emotional support system. They should not be denied benefit of full participation because of divorce. Call our compassionate, understanding and experienced family law lawyers at 770-382-8900 or complete our online contact us form.

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