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Refusing A Breath Test In Georgia: What’s At Stake?
Many people don’t realize that when they obtain a driver’s license in the state of Georgia they are indirectly consenting to both a field sobriety and chemical test in the event they are ever pulled over for suspected drunk or impaired driving. This is known as “implied consent.”

Part of the implied consent law also states that those who refuse will automatically receive a driver’s license suspension for a period of time. For a first-time refusal, the period is one year; for a second-time refusal, the period is three years. Many people don’t know this and often refuse to take a breath test.

What To Do If You Have Refused A Breath Test
If you have been asked to take a breath or chemical test and refused, contacting an attorney is essential to mitigating the repercussions, or even getting your license back.
An attorney knowledgeable in Georgia DUI laws and procedures can analyze your case and determine a course of action. A lawyer can request a hearing to challenge the suspension or guide you through the steps needed to apply for reinstatement.

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