In a perfect world, a divorce decree stipulates the rights and obligations of the parties upon the separation. The situations never change and each party fulfills the necessary requirements without any hiccups. The real world, however, never works this way. Life continues to evolve and the circumstances of the parties always change. This often triggers the need for a modification of a decree or enforcement of one already in place.

Obtaining Child Custody And Modifications In Georgia
A modification is essentially an amendment of an original divorce decree first issued by the court. A party may divorce one day and settle on a child custody arrangement, but fast forward five years and the children have matured and their needs have changed.

Enforcing Custody And Support Orders In Georgia
Enforcing a divorce decree is essentially a way to impose the original conditions each party has agreed to in the divorce decree. It may be necessary because one party has failed to pay the other stipulated child support payments. It could also be because a party has veered outside the original stipulations of a child custody arrangement.

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