Probate Administration and Litigation

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Losing a loved one can be one of the most trying times in a person’s life, and it can be—and oftentimes is—further complicated when family and friends are confronted with the practical and legal issues stemming from the loss. Georgia law imposes a number of deadlines and other requirements that must be carefully observed when administering an estate through the probate process, and every estate matter is one of a kind, each with its own obstacles to be addressed. Our firm strives to provide relief to clients in any way possible, both in terms of removing from them the heavy burden of navigating through the probate process during an already difficult time and by approaching potential conflicts among family and friends with an eye towards achieving the clients’ goals while preserving the relationships of those affected by the passing. Unfortunately, sometimes conflicts do escalate into litigation over any number of issues, and can involve claims against any number of individuals and other entities. Whether you are an heir or beneficiary, executor or administrator, creditor of an estate, or any other interested person, we are here to help.

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