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There’s only one firm in North Georgia that consistently delivers big results.

Call a team that won’t give up. If you’ve been injured, the North Georgia injury attorneys from Perrotta Law are here to help you. Since we were founded more than a decade ago, we have proven that we are compassionate, dedicated, and, most importantly, effective advocates for our clients. From representing the victims of catastrophic car accidents to handling some of the largest maritime law cases, we have helped our clients win millions over the years.

Our Practice Areas

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Know That Only Results Matter—and We Deliver

Personal Injury

At Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, we have years of experience protecting the interests of injured people. Whether the cause was intentional or the result of an accident, our lawyers will get to the bottom of it and work hard to obtain the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries. With offices in Cartersville, Calhoun and Dalton, we serve clients in north Georgia and throughout the South.

Few can think as clearly as they need to in the wake of such trauma. Our lawyers take care of the legal, financial and business issues that go in tandem with your personal injury matter so you can get on with recovery and healing.

Family Law

We Work For You, Not The Other Way Around: With over 100 years of combined legal experience, at Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, we have represented many individuals in your same situation with various family law matters. With offices in Cartersville, Calhoun and Dalton, we serve clients throughout north Georgia.

We understand the host of emotions you are feeling during this time. We want you to feel assured that your matter is in experienced hands.

Criminal Defense

The very idea of suddenly needing a criminal attorney is scary if you’ve been accused of committing a crime. At Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, we understand this all too well. With offices in Cartersville, Calhoun and Dalton, we represent people accused of crimes in north Georgia and throughout the South. We’re here for you!

The unfortunate truth is that when it comes to the U.S. criminal justice system, it doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty.

Civil Law

We represent civil litigation clients involved in legal disputes between two or more parties that seek money damages against one another. These may include disputes betwixt people that arise from contracts, land, use and ownership, employment matters, business relations and sales of goods and provision of services. In short, we represent parties in all types of litigation matters, trials, arbitrations from the beginning and all the way through mediations before administrative agencies, foreign tribunals, and federal, state, local courts and appeals.

Contact Us About Your Case

The legal team at Perotta Law has earned a national reputation for aggressive client advocacy and real results. In fact, we have won millions in verdicts and settlements and even set records with our victories. If you would like to learn more about how our firm can assist with your case, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We are proud to offer 100% free, confidential Personal Injury consultations.

What our clients have to say

Why do we do what we do? It’s how we get the best possible results for our clients. It’s how we ensure large companies don’t take advantage of them. Our team of North Georgia attorneys are not afraid to stand toe-to-toe with massive companies in the name of justice. We do what it takes to protect our clients and fight for the compensation they deserve.

I want to thank Tony Heaton for everything he has helped my family and myself with, Tony has been a kind and very helpful person each and every time I have called this office. He is very knowledgeable and a very caring individual person. Tony has helped me in so many ways he has listened to everything I have had to say and been so helpful. He goes to the very end to help you with anything concerns you may have. Tony I feel has not only been a constant help in my life but also has become my friend. I am so thankful to Tony Perrotta for hiring him because he actually really cares about the person on the other end of the phone. Thank you so much to this law firm for having a very concerned and consiousentious of person working for them. He truly cares about the person that he is talking to, and will provide with as much needed personal attention to anyone who needs to be heard and he can be a very soothing voice to help you in your troubled times.


Dallas, Georgia

“I came to Tony Perrotta needing help in the worst kind of way. My daughter lost her daughters into DFACS care. I wanted them to live with me, and DFACS literally refused to allow this to happen. So I decided that the best option for me was to adopt my grand babies before they were adopted to strangers. Between Tony Perrotta, Tony Heaton, and scores of other paralegals, after two years of fighting, my petition for adoption was granted. I can never thank Tony Perrotta and his staff enough for everything he/they did for me and the girls.”


Cartersville, Georgia

I have hired Chris Cahill who is a lawyer in this firm. He has been up front, truthful, and given me great advice. He showed up on time and was very prepared and professional. I have already hired him for the extension of the first case. I am confident he will be prepared and professional. I am very pleased with my choice to hire Chris Cahill. I will definitely recommend him. He has a paralegal , Tony Heaton, who works closely with Mr. Cahill. Mr. Heaton has been extremely helpful to me. He has gone above and beyond to make sure Mr. Cahill receives any paperwork that I left. He also has been very positive and helpful. He has made sure that the communication between Mr. Cahill and I has been open. Thank you Mr. Cahill and Mr. Heaton. You both have helped me tremendously!


Cartersville, Georgia

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