Cartersville, Georgia Civil Litigation

“People Suing People”

Why Choose Our Cartersville Georgia Law Firm

We represent civil litigation clients involved in legal disputes between two or more parties that seek money damages against one another. These may include disputes betwixt people that arise from contracts, land, use and ownership, employment matters, business relations and sales of goods and provision of services. In short, we represent parties in all types of litigation matters, trials, arbitrations from the beginning and all the way through mediations before administrative agencies, foreign tribunals, and federal, state, local courts and appeals.

What our clients have to say

Why do we do what we do? It’s how we get the best possible results for our clients. It’s how we ensure large companies don’t take advantage of them. Our team of Cartersville attorneys are not afraid to stand toe-to-toe with massive companies in the name of justice. We do what it takes to protect our clients and fight for the compensation they deserve.

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